Can I Do An NVQ Without Going To College?

What qualifications do you need to do a NVQ Level 3?

NVQ 1 = foundation GNVQ, three to four GCSEs at grades D-E, Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC) first certificate.

NVQ 2 = four or five GCSEs at grades A*–C, BTEC first diploma.

NVQ 3 = two or more A levels, BTEC Ordinary National Diploma (OND), City & Guilds Advanced Craft..

Do I need an NVQ if I have a degree?

Do I need an NVQ if I have a degree? As Level 4 NVQs and undergraduate degrees are equivalent levels of qualification, it is unlikely that you would need to have both. However, depending on the sector or job you’re applying for, some employers may specify the need for an NVQ or a degree qualification.

What is an NVQ qualification equivalent to?

National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) NVQs are awarded at six different levels, equivalent to other academic qualifications. A Level 6 NVQ is equivalent to a Bachelors degree, while Levels 4 and 5 equate to the first and second years of a Bachelors degree respectively.

Can I do NVQ at home?

Firstly – YOU MAY WELL QUALIFY TO DO A FREE NVQ COURSE, often from home or online! … Although there is no set time limit to complete your NVQ and you are free to work at your own pace, most people find it takes them about one year to gain an NVQ level 1, NVQ level 2 or NVQ level 3.

How long does an NVQ last?

How long does it take to complete an NVQ? There is no set time limit for these qualifications, and you’re free to complete an NVQ at your own pace. However, the first three levels will generally take around a year each to complete.

Can I get an NVQ online?

There are several ways in which you can study NVQ on The most common ways are by enrolling on to an online NVQ course where the content will be accessed online or by enrolling on to a classroom NVQ course where the course will be taught in an in-person classroom format, at a given location.