Question: What Does Inconclusive Mean In Math?

What does it mean if something is inconclusive?


not conclusive; not resolving fully all doubts or questions: inconclusive evidence.

without final results or outcome: inconclusive experiments..

What is the difference between conclusive and inconclusive?

As adjectives the difference between conclusive and inconclusive. is that conclusive is pertaining to a conclusion while inconclusive is not conclusive, not leading to a conclusion.

What does inconclusive mean in an investigation?

An “inconclusive” report means a report which is determined by the investigator, who conducted the investigation not to be unfounded, but in which the findings are inconclusive and there is insufficient evidence to determine whether child abuse or neglect has occurred.

What does inconclusive mean on a urine test?

An “inconclusive” result might mean “insufficient” or “indeterminate.” “Insufficient” simply means that there was a problem with the sample you provided that prevented it from being tested at all. “Indeterminate” means that the test didn’t provide a clear negative or positive result.

How do you use inconclusive in a sentence?

Inconclusive in a Sentence 🔉The ultrasound results for gender were inconclusive, so they scheduled another scan. … The suspect was given a polygraph that resulted in an inconclusive test. … The Scantron marked my test as inconclusive because it couldn’t pick up my pencil markings.More items…

What does the result mean in math?

The final value of a calculation. • The final outcome of a proof. Example: For the calculation 3 × 6 + 1, the result is 19.

What does inconclusive in medical terms mean?

ANSWER. Sometimes, the result might be “inconclusive.” That means the lab doesn’t have a clear yes or no answer based on your sample. Your doctor may want you to do the test again or have another kind of test.

That which may be disproved or rebutted; not shutting out further proof or consideration. Applied to evidence and presumptions. Related Legal Terms & Definitions.

What does it mean when a biopsy is inconclusive?

A biopsy is sometimes inconclusive, which means it hasn’t produced a definitive result. In this case, the biopsy may need to be repeated, or other tests may be required to confirm your diagnosis.