Question: What Does It Mean To Get A Badge On Facebook?

How do you get a top fan badge on Facebook?

Go to your Page.

Click Settings in the top right.

From the left, click Facebook Badges.

Click next to Turn on Top Fan Badges..

Can I lose my top fan badge?

The top fan badge will appear on past interactions with the Page. If you later choose not to show the badge, it’ll be removed from all interactions where it once appeared. The Page’s admins can choose to remove individual top fan badges or turn off top fan badges for their Page.

What are GREY badges on Facebook?

Gray badge From Facebook: “If you see a gray badge on a Page, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic Page for this business or organization.”

How do I give a group a badge on Facebook?

To turn badges in your group on or off:From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.Click Settings in the left menu.Click next to Badges.Choose the badges you want to enable for your group then click Save.

What is a badge on Facebook?

Facebook Badges are small, dynamically updating widgets that can be used in many different ways — for example, to link to your Facebook profile from a blog, to show off recent Facebook photos on your personal website, or to promote a Facebook page.

Is Top Fan Badge automatic?

How to give and get top fan badges. Once you’ve turned the feature on, there’s nothing else you need to do! Facebook will automatically assign badges to users who qualify for them.

What’s a rising star on Facebook?

Rising Star: Recognizing new members within their first month with the group that contribute to the community. The rising star badge will appear for new members that receive the most comments and reactions on their posts and comments.

How do you get the author badge on Facebook?

To obtain your Facebook Verified Badge follow these steps:Click the ‘Settings’ link at the top right of your Facebook Page.From the ‘General’ section (you’ll arrive there), click ‘Page Verification’.Click ‘Verify this Page’ and then click ‘Get Started’.More items…•

What does the coffee cup symbol on Facebook mean?

conversation starterThe coffee cup next to someone’s name in Facebook group usually indicates a conversation starter. … It means that the member is a ‘conversation starter’ and is an active member in your group. They will be creating posts and commenting on other people’s posts.

How do you get Facebook badges?

Tap then tap Groups and select your group. Scroll to one of your posts in the group and tap your name. Next to Badges tap Edit. Choose which badges you’d like to appear on your group posts and tap Done.

Who gives the badges on Facebook?

How is it different from “Valued Commenter”? There are two new badges recently rolled out that appear on people’s posts: Top Fan and Valued Commenter. Top Fan Badges are awarded to those who are the most active and engaged on a page, while the Valued Customer honours people who regularly post comments on the page.

What are the different badges on Facebook?

Facebook group badges: Earning your engagement statusAdmin and Moderator. These are the group creator(s). … New member. Whoever joins the group will be, obviously, the new member. … Group Anniversary. As the name suggests, this badge will appear only on the occasion of the anniversary. … Conversation starter. … Founding member. … Conversation booster. … Visual storyteller. … Link Curator.More items…•

How do you get a sharer badge on Facebook?

Add and hyperlink a photo of your badgeLog into your account on your Dashboard, Select the badge you’d like to “Share”You will be brought to the “Share Badge” screen.Click the downward facing arrow tab to download your badge.Select your preferred size and click “Download Image”More items…

How do you become a fan on Facebook?

For instance, to find Vin Diesel on Facebook, you can navigate directly to From there, select the “Become a Fan” button next to the Page’s name. You also can become a fan of a Page that you discover from your friends’ recent connections.

How do you get a rookie badge on Facebook?

Use the Page badge for advertising and opening your page on Facebook to all the people who visit your blog or website.Click on the Page badge tab.Select which website you want the badge for. … Select the layout you want.Copy the HTML code and paste it anywhere you want to place you badge.